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Super Blood Moon Milkyway

A dreamscape created from my imagination, a composite of two separate images taken at different times on the same night of last Super Blood Moon phenomenon in San Juan Mountains, Colorado. The whole experience was surreal, I learnt about the blood moon event the day before while casually talking to a fellow photographer. As any landscape photographer I wasn't ready to give up this opportunity even though I was exhausted and hungry from the 8 mile hike into the mountains the very morning. After finishing up sunset shoot on one of country roads in Ridgway I set out looking for moon and what I found was an almost full moon raising from the horizon with partial eclipse that was getting bigger by the second. I took out my tripod and my camera with my longest lens-Tamron 150-600 and started capturing the moon. After only about 15 minutes in the middle of nowhere without a person or a car in sight and only some cattle moo from the nearby ranches the Moon vanished with a total eclipse and thats when I heard dogs whining like foxes which might be a coincidence but was scary enough to give me goosebumps. With total darkness in the sky and with my heart pumping from what I have just experience what I found to my east was the complete Milkyway arch that was shining like never before. I changed my lens and captured the Milkyway. Well that's the story behind this dreamscape and a wonderful experience that i will remember for a long time.

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