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Santosh Kanthety Photography

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San Juan Mountains, Colorado

I took a hiatus from posting images lately as I was traveling to the Sanjuan's, Utah and New Mexico for fall and sure enough I was able to capture some amazing scenery. There is a bit of story behind this picture, I photographed a sunset at the same location couple of days before and I wasn't happy with the lack of clouds and poor light so I made it back on this evening just as the light was getting better and to my surprise the clouds were being dramatic with rain in distance and sun rays shifting behind the mountains. The excitement did not last very long as this amazing light also brought rain and hail on us so had to take shelter at a near by facility , as the rain clouds passed I headed out with a cover from my good friend David Knight who I was fortunate enough to meet in the Sanjuan's. With the receding light and wiping cloth to keep my lens clear I was able to capture this magical moment. Hope you all can enjoy it!

Camera: Sony A7R2
Lens: Batis 18mm
Aperture: F14
Exposure: 4 seconds
Filters: 3 stop graduated ND