ALASKA - Santosh Kanthety Photography

Santosh Kanthety Photography

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Lost lake hike in Alaska is easily one of the best hikes with glacier views in every direction. On this hike we started out dry but once we were half way up the rain and wind picked up and continued all night, we scrambled once we got to the lake quickly to find a spot with some tree cover from howling 35+mph winds...we slept on and off waking up to heavy rain and gusts of wind putting a question in our mind...will the tent hold up? Luckily we made it through the night without any problems and woke up to fast moving clouds and a still lake with reflections all around. I started taking some pictures before the weather turned again and to my surprise this brilliant show of light started through a small opening as the sun came up highlighting some peaks and near by mountains. We spend some more time after exploring the place and had to pack up again after the rain picked up. Ihshank was a little champ through the rain and all along the hike enjoying the scenery and our company. A great adventure to remember for sure.