Hello, I’m Santosh, a nature enthusiast, avid traveler and passionate photographer. I’m enamored by landscapes, smitten by nature and passionate about portraits. I try to capture the unique moments that bring life to a picture, whether it is landscapes, waterfalls, snowcaps or portraits.

My wife (Komali) shares my love for travel, adventure and photography. She is my companion in travel, muse and motivator, who wakes up with me after just 4 hours of sleep between sunset and sunrise. Whether it is in the ruins of Machu Pichu, the burning flatlands of Death valley or a backyard barbecue, she’s always by my side to tell me that I need to take the lens cap off before I shoot. It wouldn't have been possible without her.

This site is part travelogue and part photography site for my clients. Join us in our adventures through our pictures and invite us to capture your special moments, events and people. Cheers!

How it all started…

Since childhood I have always had a special interest in photography. It turned into a passion after I moved to Florida. Florida has been an inspiration to my photography. I fell in love with the outdoors, the beaches, the ocean and the people. I loved taking pictures of the mystical Florida sunrises and sunsets. I was driven to capture the magic in these moments and immersed myself in digital photography.

I’ve had loads of help along the way thanks to the photography communities on the web. My zeal fueled my learning. I followed work by fellow photographers on the Internet, mainly through photo sharing communities like Flickr, Instagram and 500px. Looking at pictures of enthusiasts, auteurs and amateurs amazes me and inspires me to keep improving.

Through this journey of photography I discovered another obsession, travel. Our first trip together was to the Smokey Mountains during fall and we fell in love with the majestic mountains. Since then National Parks became a passion. We have been traveling to various national parks around the United States exploring them and photographing them.

More about us…

We moved to the United States from India to go to College. Work brought us to South Florida. We both are Information Technology professionals by trade. We’ve fallen in love with Florida and this is home for us now. Whenever we can, we volunteer locally and participate in beach cleaning missions. In our free time we pursue our passion for photography and travel. We are hoping that someday we’ll be able to make a career out of our love for travel and photography. Visit our Travelogue section for the list of places we have been to and share the experience.

Future Travel Plans…

• Alaska

• Iceland

• Himalayas

• Thailand

• Singapore

• Machu Picchu

• Patagonia Andes

• Swiss Alps

• Wildlife In India

• Wildlife In Yellowstone

• Fall in San Juan Mountains

• Oregon Gold coastline

• Olympic National park, Washington

• Banff National Park, Canada

• Canadian Rockies

Best Travels…

• Havasupai Canyon

• Glacier National Park

• Yellowstone National Park

• Monument Valley

• Southern Utah

Favorite Local Photography Spot at Sunrise…

• Coral Cove, Jupiter, FL

• Blowing Rocks, Jupiter, FL

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Santosh Kanthety Photography

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